LeoHasshoff (c) 2020

In the 1970s, the Soviet Union was the state of reprisals for its citizens. 
The Soviet Union system was omnipotent and a threat to the free world. 
Today, 50 years later, the US has taken on this role in my eyes. Under the leadership of weak characters  President Mr. Donald Trump. He acts like an almighty dictator, indulges himself and sees everyone as an enemy who does not follow his thoughts. 
 The greatest enemy for him is his people, at least part of it. Namely, the part of not shouts „I love you“ when he takes the stage. It is hardly understandable to me that the land of the free and proud can become people of stupid, lied to, and betrayed. 
It seems to me that US democracy is dead. Trust in this state has been lost. Termination of the nuclear agreement with IRAN, exit from the climate protection agreement, the trade dispute with China, exit from the WHO, threats against Germany because of NordStream 2, withdrawal of the armed forces from a NATO partner country and as a climax of the rape of their people – the use of the federal police against the will of the governors.  Then wrong behavior and wrong statements in the pandemic. No emergency plan just phrases and grand gestures. Most of the American people seem paralyzed and just waiting for what happens next. The part of the Americans who get involved and demonstrates against Trump is punished with brute force and prison. 
These pictures that go around the world in the daily news are only known to me from the Eastern Bloc countries. From dictatorships. Everyone has to ask the question, is America already a banana republic? The American people are asked to ask this question and to react accordingly. A very clear option is not to re-elect Trump. 
It will be shown whether the American still upholds the values that the founding fathers once gave him or whether he becomes an intimidated person. 

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